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For BASIC OPERATION (2015), a collaborative and process-based project at Catalyst Arts, Belfast, 15 video performances based on a 15-slide-powerpoint proposal were created and published one per day for 15 days. These were then culminated as on-site multi-channel installation in the gallery space.

 " BASIC OPERATION is an experiment in a collaborative process between New York and Belfast based        artists, concerned with the creation, value and experience of art.

   It examines ways of collaboration and authorship. Is it the artist who proposes the initial starting point        the author, or the one who furthers and embellishes the idea? Or are they merely a filter? In what           form can collaboration take place and, furthermore, must a work of art be unique, or can it                   be created independently by other artists? "

- from the project statement, Catalyst Arts

Additionally, a short performance was executed, by which I was physically present among the videos, wearing the same outfit as in all of the videos. I performed a 'basic operation' of eating a bowl of soup.

Performance at Catalyst Arts

26. February 2015

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