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Belfast Before Flood - The Living Museum


An Audiowalk with speculative fiction, based in the city centre of Belfast

in collaboration with Dr. John D'Arcy

Launched at NI Science Festival


"Here in the year 2222, we often wonder what Belfast was like 200 years ago.


Come and see for yourself in ‘Belfast Before Flood’ - the new living museum based on the forgotten Belfast of 2022. Using authentic early 21st Century technology and language, this experience is guaranteed to be both educational and entertaining for anyone interested in what life was like before the Great Submersion.

Using the quaint antique of technology of mobile smartphones, ‘Belfast Before Flood’ provides a location-activated audio walk that shares the stories of how and why Belfast was the way it was in 2022. And more importantly, how it changed in the intervening years leading to our present day in the year 2222.

So celebrate 200 years since the era of peak knowledge and the beginning of the end of life as they knew it in 'Belfast Before Flood'."

How to Access the Work

1. Download the free Echoes spatial audio app from your mobile app store


2. In the Echoes app, search for our audio walk ‘Belfast Before Flood’


3. Plug in your headphones and head to the audio walk sound zones in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter

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