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Gordon's Grand (Hi)storic Tours - Belfast (2014)


The audience was invited to take part in a guided tour around Queen's University Belfast, which included three unannounced performances in three different spots and at three different points during the tour. The tour, however, was a setup background and half of the stories told in it was made up as well as the identitiy of the tour guide, Gordon Manning (Matt Williamson). This was used to provide a unity to the whole performance and to move the audience around with a cause, bringing them to the performances, the concept of each of which were completely different from each other. 

View the excerpts of the performance here.



Tour Blog - Gordon's Grand (Hi)storic Tours


The classic sound poetry piece by Kurt Schwitters was performed in front of the university main building as the second stop performance.

Interventions in very likely places. L.


The first piece in the whole performance was performed in the university library. The performed piece was composed based on the graphic poem of Yang Euddeum.

One of those moments

Composed with found sound and texts from diverse sources and improvisational moments, it was performed as the third and final piece.

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