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a f a r / h e r e (2019)

‘a f a r / h e r e’ ruminates on the direct effects of climate change through narrativisation of submerged and disappeared places, spoken from the imaginary future. It attempts to remind of the soundscapes which will disappear alongside their originary bodies in nature by using the notion of sound as a metaphor for our existence. Performed using 9 channel at UMBRELLA in the Park in Soundscape Park, Belfast. The composition is created to be in a loop without a beginning or an end. 


Poetry M'app (2019 ~)   

Poetry M'app is a project led by poet Maria McManus & sound artist Una Lee in conjunction with Poetry Day Ireland 2019. This web installation is an experiment to build on the success of the Maria's projects 'LabeLLit' and 'Poetry Jukebox', developing the idea further by using an open source digital platform to create an online sound map of poems. Poetry M’app designed so as to include poets within Ireland, as well as the diaspora, bringing an international and digital dimension to Poetry Day 2019.

Visit our PoetryM'app

  The cut-up poems are                      

  available for purchase                     

  alongside the download of             

  the soundwork here                        


                                       In this 

       installational performance, 

                     the audience was  

        invited to listen to a short  

             immersive soundscape  

              from a walk in Belfast  

          blended with a personal  

                       story of the artist. 


                        the artist makes 

                           cut-up poems 

                    that are given out 

                         to the audience 

                    after the listening. 

 Walk With Me 

 Show me your palms 

   (and I'll give you stones) 

      - original score by lo wie 

 I'd like you to play with me ; 

 to play a little piece for stones and hands,

our hands.        

 So, take a seat, show me  your palms,

and I'll give you stones. 

 And then, we begin. 

 Installed at

Sonorities Festival, Belfast (2015). PS Squared Gallery (2016)

 A re-imagined performance version of ‘score for sucking stones’  by lo wie, inspired by ‘The Sucking-Stones Sequence’ from  'Molloy' by  Samuel Beckett.  Molloy tries to establish the best  way to distribute his  sixteen  sucking stones among his  four  pockets so that he sucks them  equally. The different systems  of execution elaborated in the novel  were  translated into a  graphic score. The  audience was invited to play this score with  me in one-on-one setting. 


Silver Lining 

Silver Lining (2014) is a site- specific sound sculpture that was realized during an artist residency. It is made with recycled material such as part of bicycle and piano and triggered by wind force.

Permanent insallation at

Lawrence Street Workshops

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