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It Winded The Humming Of Sea (2015) is a micro performance piece of sound, words and more.

It is inspired by and revolves around the theme of 'being at the sea shore' and tells a short fantastical story through soundscape with spoken words and objects. 

~ Performance ~




People had gathered at a vernissage, looking at the works of art, chatting and having a drink. I descreetly floated around among them, and every now and then I would choose one person to tell the story. If the person seemed to be intrigued enough after a mutual subtle interaction I approached and whispered into that person's ear, with a borrowed voice  that was blended with the sound of sea. When I finished the story, I would dissapear into the crowd again, until I gazed upon the next person to whisper to. Telling the story takes only a minute, however by repetition, the performance became durational. 


> Performances

Sonorities Festival, Belfast (2015)

Instalakcje 7, Warsaw (2018)


~ Objects ~




> Scented Salt

Jars of seasalt were used as tangible symbol to represent the seashore through its granular similarity with sand. The seasalt was scented with the oils of eukalyptus, rosemary and mint, which was meant to be reminiscent of the brisk wind that one might encounter at a seashore in high summer. The same scent was worn on me at the performance.


> Origami seashells

This was a collaboration with Yasmine Sefoa, a conceptual origami artist and poet. She created the origami seashells to be used as ornaments at the performance alongside scoops of the scented salt. This particular form to represent seashells was designed to evoke the sensation that one might remember from enclosing a seashell with the hand and put one's ear to it as a child. 



~ Documentation ~




The performance was live tweeted by Yasmine Sefoa throughout the duration of its premiere, in which every action of mine was described with her poetic words. Yasmine, however, is fictional in fact and the tweets were actually written by Andy Harrison, Matt Williamson, Katharine Phillipa Holland and Chris Ryan. The live tweeting was primarily an attempt to document the performance and capture the sense of it, which can not be very well done through other media. The physical action was translated into words instantly, which provided a unique insight into the performance and special opportunity to document the work.



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