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Live Performances

The Unbearable Intangibility of Sound (2020)

A collaboration with Marty Byrne as part of his year-long project 'Song A Day For A Year'.


Here we present several volumes containing short vocal performances using singing and dialogue.



A series of rumination on the entailment of contemporary womanhood and its potential, alternative actualities.


This piece is an adaption of an inspiration for a live performance work into a video performance at SonitusLive x The Oram Awards.

A Skype Call Away


While this piece is in a pre-recorded video format, it bears the spirit of a live performance. The title is an obvious variation of the phrase “a phone call way,” which addresses the possibility of psychological closeness between two people or more while physically distant. It is taken from an unrealised idea for a piece that I had a few years back which would have taken the shape of one-to-one live performance via Skype calls. And now, the piece in the present form is an alternative, yet ultimately more relevant realisation of the original idea, thanks to the situation that has arisen. In this very special time in history, we—those with access to Internet and a device for it—are only a Skype call away from each other, despite various restrictions to global movement. 


Created for IMPROVISATION FESTIVAL, August 2020.

Arroz con Leche (2019)

'Arroz con Leche' (Rice Pudding with Milk) is a dance theatre performance that provokes us to question what it is that shapes the gender identity in each of us, and female role models in particular. The performance is inspired by a nursery rhyme of the same title, which the artists explore through dance improvisation and text.

Created in collaboration with Paula Guzzanti for International Women's Day 2019 performance in Sonic Arts Research Centre.


‘#votesforwomen’ investigates the state of ‘women’s right to choose’ through vocal and somewhat theatrical performance with a sarcastic approach. With the reference to one of the songs of Suffragettes ‘Keep Woman in Her Sphere’, the piece utilises multiple public statements towards diminishment of women’s rights. In collaboration with HIVE choir.

The First Flowers of the Year are Always Yellow

with Miguel Ortiz

A live performance piece that highlights the relationship between human body and memories. As a collaborative piece between two artists who usually engage with rather distinct interests within their sonic arts practices, the piece is unique blend of embodied music mediation technology and theatrical storytelling. 

Performances: Korjaamo Culture Factory, Helsinki (2017). Sonorities Festival, Belfast (2018). Ulster University Magee Campus, Derry (2018).

Play Pause Stop Rewind 

A solo music theatre piece to be performed by the composer herself. It focuses on the usage of voice and explores texture, rhythm, accumulating pitches and discovering patterns created by the way one manipulates speech. This conceptual, process-based composition musicalises a particular theory about how the brain handles memory, which will be auralised and visualised in live on-stage performance and pre-recorded video performance, involving one and the same performer.


Performances: Sonorities Festival, Belfast (2016). Soundthoughts Festival, Glasgow (2017). Die Längste Nacht, Zürich (2019).

All Your Virtual Assistants

This work concerns with the common usage of the female sounding voices in the realm of the virtual assistant applications and interfaces.

Written for a female voice and a smartphone, the piece consists of certain texts that are often conveyed to us through a disembodied female voice in real life situations, such as the elevator voice or automobile navigation system and the virtual assistant application for smartphones. 

Performances: Goldsmiths University, London (2016) Die Längste Nacht, Zürich (2019) 

Date A Girl Who Takes Baths (2015)

A piece for fixed audio, live spoken word and action. 


June, 2015, Black Box Belfast

as part of 'Jam Jar Series' by Moving On Music.

The text is by Sarah Brose

'Date A Girl Who Takes Baths'. 


Googling (2014)


As part of a 5-day sound art festival in Belfast, the audience was asked to write down any word or sentence associated with the festival on a post-it on a daily basis. I collected those and googled the words and sentences and made a piece consisting of found texts or sounds from search results at googling. The piece was performed on the last day of the festival. 


Part of Round Buttons Square Tones at PS², Belfast.

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