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Lynlee is a collaborative creative team of two sound artists, Chris H. Lynn and Una Lee. Both mainly work with field recording as material for their compositions. Their collaboration consists of exchange of recordings, making re-mix tracks with each other's work, and also audio visual creations. Here on the joint page, the on-going works and results of their collaboration will be posted.

Visit us in our virtual home here.

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the changeover        (2020)

The release of this 'single' marks the time of a 'changeover' for us - we took an organically emerged break from a consistent collaboration, and now we are in a collective state of awaiting an altered lifestyle to manifest. More and more art practices are moving towards existing online, and even music ensembles perform 'together' via virtual means. What we as Lynlee might do is keep on doing what we've been doing in the past 7 years: collect, exchange and amalgamate words, images and sounds between two different continents with the hope of exploring and cultivating our artistic practice. 

Stream and Download here.


1314       on Plus Timbre (2018)

This album consists of tracks produced in the years 2013 and 2014 by Chris Lynn and Una Lee aka Lynlee. They create collaborative sound works that combine recordings made by both artists. The recordings are transformed into contemplative soundscapes by blending, mixing, adding spoken text that yet preserve the individuality of both artists in sound. 

Texts by Virginia Woolf, Jack Kerouack, Samuel Beckett have been used.

Stream and Download here.

Read a review (in Spanish) here.

Lynlee 1314 Promotional (2018) 

Video Nick Petavrides (neta) Stills & Sound Chris Lynn & Una Lee

'Words in the Winds: Sounds'

in collaboration with Chris Lynn (2017)

'Words in the Winds : Sounds' is the new collaborative series by Chris Lynn and Una Lee. The project rose from recognising that we as field recordists often try our best to disguise our presence within the sound recordings despite the fact that their mere existence implies the involvement of human activity. As a result, we started to mark our presence through reciting our original haikus and poems, whilst making the field recordings, the content of which were based on or inspired by our sonic surroundings. 

- from the release notes on PlusTimbre

Stream and download the album here

Cobalt Coloured Wind (2016)                      Video Chris Lynn Voice Una Lee

Miniature Landscape Correspondences 

Lynlee (Chris Lynn, Una Lee) 's ongoing audio visual collaborative project Miniature Landscape Correspondence series (2012 ~ )  was exhibited as installation in apexart, NYC in January - March 2015 and in Oil Tank Culture Park, Seoul in October, 2020. Each correspondence or observation is composed of two shots, one from each continent, reflecting the direct experience of the everyday. 

Info about the NYC exhibition here.


View the works here​.

Afternoon Wind (2013)                                      Video & Sound  Chris Lynn + Una Lee

A Rolling Mind excerpt (2013)                       Video Chris Lynn Sound Una Lee

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