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Works in this project are based on one and the same story which went through variations and revised versions. Each version contains changes, but all tell a story about a woman whose perception of time fluctuates outside of her control and her attempt to remember her forgotten yesterday.

It experiments with voice recordings fluctuating in speed as a form of representing the story.

  mimi  must  remember  to  forget  yesterday  

The first version is an installation work made of 5 channels emanating 5 individual sounds entirely made of reading voices. It attempts to experiment with an idea for immersive storytelling through spatialised spoken voice(s), the outcome of which will be determined by the behaviour of the listener. 

As part of the exhibition OPEN CALL 

at LTK4 Gallery, Cologne, Museumnacht Köln 2017

View the review of the show (in German) here

  The Longest Day Ever Lived BY Lumi Gourand  

The second version of the works was an installation which also used the same technical means applied as the first, using 7 channels and 7 speaker cones. It was installed on a Christmas tree among the Christmas baubles.

As part of the performance


in Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast, 2017

   mimi and her pursuit of misplaced memories   

The third version of the project has turned into an experimental audiobook. Aside from telling the short story, this audiobook version of the work examines what composing does or can mean within a time-based art form by using nothing but a voice reading words (and a ticking clock), to engage with pacing which is the primary concern when a composition is being structured. 

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