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    Premiered at 

 International Summer Course for

New Music Darmstadt 2014 

       "She’ll tell you a story, she’ll sing you a song. 

             What you make of it there’s no right or wrong." 


 A composition with found sound and text from various    sources. Realised and performed within the frame of 


MUAMUA: A Musical Score

MUAMUA: A Musical Score is a graphic score created based on the stage performance of 'MUAMUA', a performance on its own and a documentation of a past event at the same time. This booklet of images depicts my solo live performance piece MUAMUA, using symbols and texts to translate a sound performance piece into a visual work. It is an attemp to approach the medium 'book' as a base to explore passing of time. 


Exhibition Shot from Green Room, Belfast

Performance of the score by HIVE Choir

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