Raise Your Expectations: EXCHANGE 1NE

"EXCHANGE 1NE is the new project by Northern Gateway Global Development & Regeneration Holdings LLC, which will upgrade your lifestyle ahead of the rest. You are invited to the exclusive viewing, facilitated by artists John D’Arcy & Una Lee. What do you imagine Belfast will be like in 10 years from now? Come and see for yourself a projected vision of Belfast - a real estate development fantasy, a dream of immersive marketing, and a way of life that is coming to North Street anytime soon."

Sequence 01.mp4 screenshot 2018-09-28 09

Raise Your Expectations: EXCHANGE 1NE (2018) is a site-specific, augmented-reality-assisted performance walk which tells a story of past and future, myths and forecasts, memory and loss about one of the most historic streets of Belfast.

Created in collaboration with John D'Arcy

Premiered as part of Open House Belfast 2018