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Raise Your Expectations: EXCHANGE 1NE

"EXCHANGE 1NE is the new project by Northern Gateway Global Development & Regeneration Holdings LLC, which will upgrade your lifestyle ahead of the rest. You are invited to the exclusive viewing, facilitated by artists John D’Arcy & Una Lee. What do you imagine Belfast will be like in 10 years from now? Come and see for yourself a projected vision of Belfast - a real estate development fantasy, a dream of immersive marketing, and a way of life that is coming to North Street anytime soon."

Sequence 01.mp4 screenshot 2018-09-28 09

Raise Your Expectations: EXCHANGE 1NE (2018) is a site-specific, augmented-reality-assisted performance walk which tells a story of past and future, myths and forecasts, memory and loss about one of the most historic streets of Belfast.

Created in collaboration with John D'Arcy

Performances: Open House Belfast (2018). Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival (2019).

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