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With the talents of 
Aisling Mccormick (Voice)
Elen Flügge (Violin)
Kristian McGurran (Saxophone)
Patrick Moore (Voice + Electronics)
Rain Watt (Piano)
Gavin Prior (Gavin)
John D'Arcy (Narrator)
JJ Devereaux (Costume)
Simon Howard (Light)
Oisin Hughes (Sound)
Dave Bird (Projection)
The UNDOCUMENTED tale of Dr. G (2017) is a music theatre piece that tells a story of a composer who’s been buried in history for almost a century. Only known as Dr. G by now, he was probably the most innovative, experimental composer who engaged with such concepts as improvisation, alternative musical notation/conduction and integration of live art within musical composition and performance advanced to any known figures in music history. It was premiered on 18th May 2017 in Sonic Lab, Belfast.
Abridged, screen version (11") of the live performance

Listen to a conversation about the work here

The show starts with the statement “The UNDOCUMENTED tale of Dr. G is written entirely based on the testimonies by Mr. Gavin Prior.” Gavin is a musician from Dublin, who lived in South-Korea working as English teacher. Being a professional composer and improviser with interest to discover less-known music, he learnt of Dr. G, by now only known to and remembered by eight people who are still alive. Gavin managed to gather oral descriptions of Dr. G’s scores from his former students and colleagues from which we reconstructed the scores in collaboration for the first ever portrait concert of Dr. G.
Dr. G disappeared under mysterious circumstances without leaving any clear evidence of his existence, let alone his musical legacy. This work presents his music in its reconstructed state, a glimpse into Dr. G's presumed biography and original songs written in his honour.
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