Performing in the Times of Corona

A collection of video performance works produced to reflect on Covid-19 and/or fit the presentation context occurred due to the pandemic in 2020. 



A series of rumination on the entailment of contemporary womanhood and its potential, alternative actualities.


This piece is an adaption of an inspiration for a live performance work into a video performance at SonitusLive x The Oram Awards.


A Skype Call Away


While this piece is in a pre-recorded video format, it bears the spirit of a live performance. The title is an obvious variation of the phrase “a phone call way,” which addresses the possibility of psychological closeness between two people or more while physically distant. It is taken from an unrealised idea for a piece that I had a few years back which would have taken the shape of one-to-one live performance via Skype calls. And now, the piece in the present form is an alternative, yet ultimately more relevant realisation of the original idea, thanks to the situation that has arisen. In this very special time in history, we—those with access to Internet and a device for it—are only a Skype call away from each other, despite various restrictions to global movement. 


Created for IMPROVISATION FESTIVAL, August 2020.


 Life of a Plant (2020)

Sound composition with visual accompaniment of interim musings on "being in one place for too long" as documented in spoken voice text and other intimate sonorities. The visual accompaniment was produced in order to suit its premiering context of live streaming at SonitusLIVE x The Oram Awards.