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 Tiny Sounds 
          CAN YOU SPOT IT? 


 Tiny Sounds Project is an ongoing action in various places at various occasions. One type of    small things - mini flyer, stamps, objects, etc. - will be distributed in a certain place/area without  explanation. It is always done as an accompaniment / in a partnership with a sound project.  

 Tiny Sounds I (2014)


In partnership with the performance Imaginary Conversations.

Realised in Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast.

Tiny Sounds II (2014)


In partnership with the soundwalk installation

Illuminated Echoes of Northern Winds.

Realised in Sonic Arts Research Centre and

Cathedral Quarter, Belfast.

Tiny Sounds III (2018)


In partnership with the performance 

It Winded the Humming of Sea.

Realised in Nowy Teatr, Warsaw.

Tiny Sounds IV (2019)


In partnership with the Virtual Reality performance walk

Raise Your Expectations. 

Realised in North Street, Belfast.

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