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In Walk, Listen, Remember (2014) multiple pieces/performance scenarios were layered onto each other to cohere into one meta-piece, by which separate events formed the base and material for a subsequent piece. 

From B with L (2018)

This is a reincarnation of 'From Bellefast with Love' as an album release.

Illuminated Echoes of Northern Winds is an acoustic soundwalk, which is encouraged to be taken solitarily. It comprises 10 different spots in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast that exhibit unique or interesting aural/visual features. The soundwalk is guided by a paper map and written instructions, which can be purchased here. The launch and presentation of the soundwalk took place in a yoga studio in August, 2014.
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Illuminated Echoes of Northern Winds 

This audio performance art piece tells the story of 'Erell', a woman who visited the launch of the soundwalk described above. The piece is made of a voice letter read by her voice that reveals her own story behind the soundwalk and binaural field recordings of the spots from the soundwalk. 

From Bellefast With Love


A Butterfly Is A Petal That Flies

 This is the final piece of this project, a performance framed as a radio show, in which the audio piece above is introduced by the  artist of the soundwalk. But the radio show, eventually, is not what it seems to be, and the audience finds out more about the artist than expected.

Premiered 13th Sep 2014 in the Sonic Lab, SARC, Belfast. 

Broadcasted as fixed version 13th April 2015 on Radiophrenia

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